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Copy Writing for Web Sites

Good writing is an essential, but often neglected, part of website design and is a talent which is, not surprisingly, often missing in companies who have sites built for them. Just as you would seek the advice of good writer for an important brochure so you should have your web site content written or edited by an experienced writer. However even writers and authors who excel in their own field may not produce good web site copy because the factors to be taken into account are different. Users read a web page differently to a brochure or catalogue - scanning areas of text rapidly to find the information that looks most appropriate before reading in more detail. Textual content should balance with any images used and just as important it needs to match with the search engine target keywords and should be written with these in mind.

SEO Copywriting

We have considerable experience in producing easily read and informative copy that consistently does well in search engine results and we'll be happy to consult with you on the text of your site. Please visit our search engine optimisation site for fuller information about our full range of services.