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Newsletters and Blogs

Newsletter Writing

Authors, Musicians and Actors who have a need to maintain contact with their readers or fans often find that newsletters are an essential part of their contact. Businesses often need to keep their customers informed about the latest developments in their business and highlight new products.

Bill has been writing email newsletters for authors and books since 1996, including one for Scottish fiction and non-fiction, one for Children's Books, and one for the readers of the late Dorothy Dunnett which used to go out to around a thousand people.

We'll help you to compile a database of users who want to receive your newsletter, we'll write it for you on the basis of information you want to supply and ideas that we can give you, and help you handle the feedback from it to make them successful and productive.


Blogs are everywhere these days - from the latest expressions of teenage angst to erudite and perceptive discussions of any topic you can mention. Businesses can use them just as effectively as individuals, in fact they can be the hub around which the rest of a business's social media efforts develop.

We'll show you how to set up and maintain a blog as an effective and interesting tool for communication with your main markets and customers, and we'll help you write, edit, and proofread it.