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Custom Photography for Websites

Photographs are a vitally important part of successful web sites, whether providing detailed or general illustration of the message, generating the atmosphere of the design, or just used as a layout device to break up the textual content and make it more easily digested.

Bill has been taking photographs seriously since 1984, working in both colour transparency and black-and-white print mediums prior to the advent of high-quality digital cameras, and although his preference for personal projects is for landscape photography he has also successfully taken pictures in music venues and theatre where his understanding of the timing of both subjects allows him to anticipate dramatic gestures and climaxes. It was his study of photographic composition that gave him an appreciation of visual balance and its effect on the way the eye scans a page which is important in web layout.

Image Editing

Good editing of images is vital in utilising photographic resources to the best of our ability. Even an uninspiring and technically poor photo can sometimes be transformed with the right cropping and correction into a valuable feature of the site. In an appropriate setting the conversion of a colour photo into a tinted monochrome image can have a dramatic effect on the feel of a page.

We use a wide variety of graphics software and years of experience to ensure that we can make the best of any images you have available.