Web Design Services

Understanding Your Web Design Needs

Whatever your business aims and requirements you won't get a web site that fulfills them unless both client and designer have a good understanding of what they are trying to achieve. There is no point designing an all-singing all-dancing award-winning site that doesn't do what the artist or business requires it to do. A website design that would be suitable for selling products online will be very different from one that is primarily for promotion or communication. To decide which you need you have to define the targets - to succeed you have to know what success is.

Asking the Right Questions before Starting the Development

We won't start to design a website or undertake a service without first asking you a lot of questions to get a real feel for your business or creative activity and find out why you want a site and what you hope to get from it. To give you a flavour of these questions take a look at the Questionnaire page and think about the answers. If you'd like to discuss a web site with us then you may want to fill in your answers and send it to us or just contact us directly. We'll follow up with discussions aimed at exploring the best approach for your business or activity.

The Best Websites come from Collaboration

It's also important that *you* can devote time to your website project, and have staff who can contribute to the continuing development - the best results will accrue when we can work together to find the best solutions. Planning decisions need to be agreed and there will be occasions when we need your feedback and your data in order to make sure the design matches with the information it has to contain. We may need you to test the site against your business practices to make sure it fits in with them. While we may still be able to produce a good site working alone, it will be far better if we have a full and continuing understanding of your requirements through effective collaboration towards a common goal.

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