Web Design Services

Web Design for Authors and Writers, Publishers, Actors and Musicians

Creative people such as authors and musicians often have special requirements that don't apply to other businesses. They may have readers or fans who are keen to make contact with them and discuss their work, and they may have issues of privacy regarding this. A well designed web site can allow them to show a public face and give the fans the information they want while remaining one step removed from direct contact, allowing them to get on with their work without interruption or distraction.

Author and Book-related Web Design

An author may have a number of reasons for having a web site, for instance you may want to

  • Promote your writing to a new audience
  • Showcase your writing for publishers and/or readers - giving tasters or sample chapters of new books to generate interest
  • Provide information about your books and writing for your readers
  • Provide information and news about yourself for your readers
  • Allow your readers to interact with you

In his 21 years in the book trade Bill has developed an intimate understanding of the whole book creation process, and has been able to provide just this sort of service for a number of authors, using techniques that developed their relationships with their readers, keeping fans informed of new books and personal appearances, answering their questions, collecting their feedback, and making them feel part of the process while allowing the writer to concentrate on their work when they really need to.

Designing for Musicians and Actors

In addition to similar issues when dealing with fans, a site may also be a useful tool for musicians and actors who wish to keep agents aware of their schedules and career developments so that they can asses the possibilities of booking them for concerts and shows. A site can also act as a easy contact point for providing promotional text, photographs and audio clips for publicity purposes. Having spent many years working closely with musicians as a sound engineer, Bill knows the pressures on them and their special requirements and can translate them into an effective site that both reflects their music and aids their communication.