Web Design Example - Dorothy Dunnett

Originally part of the large James Thin website the Dorothy Dunnett site grew and developed along with the main site but was always one of the most popular parts due to her large and dedicated following and the newsletters I produced to keep the readers up to date with her activities. Its main purpose was to provide information on her books and to answer the many questions that her readers always had.

Dorothy DunnettThe site contains complete bibliographies and collections of books covers but one of the most popular sections was always the question and answer section where Dorothy replied to questions about her various series. It also uses a lot of photographs, mostly taken by Bill, on the equally popular Places to Visit pages which give descriptions of the various places which crop up in the books and are often visited by readers on holiday, and on the reports on Dunnett gatherings and events.

The site design is now very old (around 10 years) and badly in need of a complete redesign and recode. We hope to achieve that this year.