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Web Traffic Analysis

Finding out who is visiting your website and which pages are the most popular is vital to getting the best out of your site. However most people have little idea of the real figures. Do you know the difference between Hits, Page Views and Visitor Sessions? They are often confused and misquoted, giving a false idea of a site's popularity. How many of those Page Views are actually from search engines and link checkers rather than from real users?

While some hosts provide free online statistics packages these are often difficult to understand and contain little detail, and are not suitable for all site designs. The counters that are popular with some amateur sites are easily fooled and virtually worthless. However if you have access to your full logfiles then they can be analysed to reveal a great deal of information. Even here however there are many complications - you might be surprised at the number of robots and spiders that drop by and they can make a big difference to your apparent site visits.

Analytics programs such as Google Analytics, Omniture, or the online versions of programs like Webtrends can help to provide much more detailed information but are very complex and require expertise in order to extract meaningful and actionable data. The overviews, which are all that most business people see, can be very misleading and you need to segment the data into much smaller topics to really understand what is happening and draw actionable conclusion.

With lots of experience in understanding site logs and analytics data for a number of large organisations, we can analyse your traffic and tell you what's really going on - which pages are doing well and which you need to reconsider or redesign. By coordinating effective Traffic Analysis with your Search Engine Optimisation you'll be far more in control of your site.