Web Design - Chess Edinburgh

Chess Edinburgh are the body which administers the Edinburgh and Lothians Chess League and they asked me to design a new site for them to replace their previous one which was somewhat labour intensive for the webmaster. They have a lot of information to be kept up to date and a large archive. A substantial but fast and flexible menu system that could be easily expanded was a necessity and during the design phase it became apparent that a content management system was required to enable the committee to share the load of keeping the site current.

Chess Edinburgh screenshotThe content management system was constructed in PHP/MySQL enabling the most variable content to be changed via a passworded control panel which the council members have access to. A bulletin board was also incorporated to enable local players to communicate with each other.

Continuing development includes a system of generating league tables from results input by the team captains.

In this case the visual side of the site was less important that being able to deliver the necessary information in as logical and accessible a manner as possible, but the gradual addition of good quality photographs will soften the look of the site and make it attractive as well as content-rich. CSS control of layout also makes it flexible enough to incorporate future needs.