Web Design Example - Glen Tanar

The Glen Tanar Estate in the Deeside area of Aberdeenshire is a beautuiful area stretching from Aboyne to the Cairngorms on the south side of the River Dee. When I was brought in the existing site was visually attractive but rather unwieldy and difficult to update. The task was to streamline it, adjust the coding to make updating easier, and making it both search engine friendly and more effective at engaging visitors, while retaining or enhancing the visual impression.

Dorothy DunnettBetter use of CSS reduced the amount of code and allowed more flexibility. Large banner images were reduced in size and the selector for changing them was moved into the header area. The holiday cottage pages were redesigned to make them more attractive and a link into a booking system installed. A gallery system was also installed to help highlight the excellent landscape images that are available to the estate.

The site is now being converted to use a content management system that will give the estate more day-to-day control and allow a seasonal theme to be selected for the home page.