Web Design Examples - Natural Theatre Company

In designing a new site for the internationally renowned Natural Theatre Company the concern was to show the rich comic diversity of their work and express the strong visual nature of their performances. Assessing and choosing suitable images from their large collection of photographs was therefore a principle task. Choosing a colour scheme that could accommodate their favourite shade of pink as featured in their logo was also a key to making progress.

Natual Theatre Company home pageIt was decided to use the pink colour in the navigation menu and in some of the headers, and to make most of the site directly accessible from that menu by using fly-outs on the most important categories. Random images were used in the headers sections to reflect their diversity within their three main areas of Street Theatre, Corporate Events, and Indoor Theatre. Most images in the body of the pages have pop-ups showing larger more detailed versions.

Various other special effects were employed to give a dynamic feel to the site without overloading the viewer with too much action. A Magical Mystery Tour was constructed and a gallery system was developed using scrolling thumbnails, while a database driven back-end allows the company to easily administer the calendar, links, and press releases.